"You’re involved right from the beginning and have a considerable impact on the creation of new products.”
Helmut, Engineering Lead
As a Concept Engineer your main tasks will involve supporting our designers and customers in several projects. These projects will mainly be related to transportation, ranging from micro-mobility and bicycles all the way to motorcycles and four-wheel vehicles. You will support and drive the entire development process from the concept stage to mass production.


  • For new product ideas, you develop concepts with designers and relevant stakeholders.
  • With your team, you consider how designs can be implemented with the existing production possibilities, how the parts can be connected and how component and product requirements can be met.
  • You support our customers and designers to realize new ideas and to industrialize them. You will get the necessary prototypes from in-house manufacturing processes such as milling, SLS, SLA, FDM, etc.
  • Your main task will be to design the components in the CAD system with the help of other development tools such as FEM before analyzing physical prototypes.


  • Completed higher technical education (preferably BEng or MEng), as well as very good CAD skills (preferably in Creo).
  • Min. 4 years of professional experience in engineering or product development.
  • Passion for engineering and working on technical challenges, as well as a proactive, open-minded personality.
  • Fluent in English.

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The Austrian government requires us to state the MINIMUM salary for every position. In this case it is €42,000 gross per year. Since we always tailor salary packages to market rates, your experience and your education, please don’t take that number too seriously! KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.