“You’re involved right from the beginning of projects. It’s rare in engineering to have a big influence so early.”
Helmut, Engineering Lead
Play a key role in the development of vehicle and product design. Supporting designers and clients, you will take part in the entire process. From concept engineering, to prototyping, to production-ready designs.


  • Work with designers and decision makers to engineer products that meet design specifications, assembly requirements and manufacturing constraints.
  • Design parts in CAD using development tools like FEM.
  • Support our in-house team to prototype your ideas (milling, SLS, SLA, FDM).


  • Relevant technical background, ideally a degree in automotive or mechanical engineering.
  • Passion for technology, engineering and tinkering with technical challenges.
  • Superb CAD knowledge, ideally Creo.
  • Proactive and open-minded personality; Solid English skills.

Made for you? Apply now.

It’s the law in Austria to state MINIMUM annual salaries. In this case, it’s €37,000. Don’t take that number too seriously though, because salaries are always customised to market rates and merit. KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.