“Working at strategic levels allows me to expand the business of our clients – and ensure their future success.”
Thomas, Account Manager
You will work between between two worlds on the client journey. As the first representative from our clients at KISKA, and the face of KISKA to our clients. In the driver's seat during a project, you are the trusted advisor, shaping the client's vision from start to finish.


  • Be the first point of contact for our clients. Partnering with them throughout the design process, including brand strategy.
  • Establish a deep understanding for your client’s business needs out of his perspective - manage and coach the client actively by questioning & evaluating the requested demand.
  • Be responsible for the projects we do, especially for managing the budget and steering the success.
  • Translate your clients’ needs into a tailored KISKA solution - facilitate the set-up process of the client’s projects at KISKA.
  • Create and execute strategies with our designers – at the same time manage budgets and resources.
  • Monitor your projects in awareness of risk factors and mediate during conflict situations.


  • Professional experience in account management or consulting.
  • A passion for product or apparel design & business and strong interest in new technologies.
  • A self-starter mentality to get things done as well as communicative.
  • Outstanding project management and communication skills.
  • English and German fluency.

Made for you? Apply now.

It’s the law in Austria to state MINIMUM annual salaries. In this case, it’s €55,000. Don’t take that number too seriously though, because salaries are always customised to market rates and merit. KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.