How sports brands can be victorious in a changing industry.

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Change is coming. Whether brands survive depends on their ability to diversify, develop, and stay authentic – with sustainability and ethos being key factors.

The sporting goods industry constantly faces shifts in supply and demand. But today, it faces more upheaval than ever before. Still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, which caused significant disruptions in supply chains, sporting goods brands face a rapidly changing world. Are problems coming? Certainly. But also, countless opportunities.

There’s a new movement in consumer behaviour. Customer’s check-out baskets are shrinking. Inflation is soaring. More value is placed on goods which are durable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly. Brand ethos is examined pre-purchase – putting pressure on brands to be open, authentic, and sustainable. Major changes which can’t be done overnight. 

Here at KISKA, we are at the forefront of this storm. We see iconic brands struggling and industry experts at a loss of what to do next. Within our walls, we are already using our cross-industry intel and our bold attitude to help clients adapt to this new age of consumer behaviour.

We allow brands to stay ahead of the curve and utilise emerging industry trends by harnessing our experience. We’ve been working with global sports brands for decades. In fact, sport is in our blood. Many of our experts are fitness-mad outside the office, with current athletes, ex-professionals, and adrenaline-junkies making up a significant proportion of our team. This passion kick-starts conversations at eye-level with our clients. We GET this industry. We live it every day. And we know what qualities consumers value most.

We’re in a unique position when it comes to sporting goods, apparel, and products. While one foot is firmly planted in our hiking boot (or running shoe, or attached to skis), the other is hooked on the foot peg of a dirt bike. KISKA is the bridge between powersports, winter sports, water sports, and extreme sports – which enables us to transfer knowledge across segments. A trail backpack, for example, can use technology we’ve refined during our decades of creating motorcycle accessories. Durable, bounce-resistant, and action-ready. 

With our wide scope of projects, we’re optimally positioned to watch for new trends and anticipate upcoming market changes. Reading the signs and acting accordingly can keep a brand from falling out of ‘fashion’ with their audience. With clients ranging from well-known motorcycle brands to safety shoe manufacturers, to human prosthetic companies or functional apparel creators – we enable clients to develop their portfolios and expand into adjacent segments. 

Consumers (and investors!) are sensitive to when brands are insincere. So brands must ensure their positioning comes from the core. KISKA is unafraid to ask hard questions and encourages clients to take an inward look, so they come out knowing their authentic identity and beliefs. Additionally, environmental consideration is now a basic requirement for brands, not simply a bonus. Sustainability reports will have more power than financial reports, so brands which opt for sustainability consulting and advice will get a head-start. 

Change is here to stay. To not be lost to irrelevance, brands must consider this new wave of engagement style and make active changes. KISKA vows to empower, boost, and innovate brands without losing a single drop of their uniqueness. No more wasting time. No more hoping for a miracle. It’s time to actively face the future of sporting goods. 

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