"Electronic systems on motorcycles are getting more and more complex. Our job is to communicate them in an understandable and easy way to the rider - to keep motorcycling enjoyable.”
Daniel, Interaction Designer
Your design makes every product better. You create outstanding user experiences for vehicles and real products. You think along the customer journey and how you can solve issues of your users. Moreover, you manifest the brand through your final design.


  • Explore all possible “What-if” and “How might we” to craft experiences customers love.
  • Create HMI concepts for vehicles and physical products that users interact with daily.
  • Differentiate the product with an inspiring UI design.
  • Turn designs into touchable experiences by working with the prototyping team.


  • Design education and 6+ months work experience.
  • Adobe CC etc. are a must. 3D software and CGI Studio considered as an asset.
  • Motivation and eagerness to create great experiences.
  • Fluent in english.

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The Austrian government requires us to state the MINIMUM salary for every position. In this case it is €32,200.00 gross per year. Since we always tailor salary packages to market rates, your experience and your education, please don’t take that number too seriously! KISKA is also an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention.