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Pre-Development CAD Lead

Salzburg. Full time

Spearpoint our pre-development team!

With your top-notch theoretical understanding of CAD modelling and automotive design, you will lead our experienced pre-development team from product sketches to fully-fledged prototypes. Be the bridge between experimental, imaginative design and practical engineering choices. Negotiate deliverables, implement client feedback, and be prepared to reiterate solutions where needed - efficiently and effectively. Use your understanding and appreciation of design to interpret creative input from our design team and maintain an excellent working relationship between our services. Set new concepts in motion and be part of leading the future of an industry.

In this role you will…

  • Guide and develop a small, capable team of CAD pre-developers from initial design sketches to concept model creation for 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles as well as consumer goods.
  • Ensure the team delivers high quality output that is ready for clay milling or VR visualisation.
  • Address any unresolved issues and provide sound solutions to your team. Confident to ask questions and willing to build towards a positive result.
  • Be responsible for scheduling and coordinating your team, their allocated projects, and bring structure to workflow.
  • React quickly and adapt ideas to meet evolving briefs and explore alternative solutions. Provide a stable backbone for others to rely on and keep calm under pressure.

We are looking for…

  • A capable leader with prior experience of managing a team. A hands-on and open-minded approach to problems and the ability to see the big picture behind all projects.
  • Great communication skills! Someone approachable who can balance creative back-and-forth with clients and designers and also is reflective and patient.
  • At least 10 years experience of design and digital modelling.
  • Excellent understanding of Poly Modelling and NURBs Modelling. Experience with VR would be a bonus.
  • Fluency in English. German is a plus.

KISKA is an equal opportunity employer. It’s a no-brainer, but important to mention. Salary compensation is based on current market expectations, as well as your proven skills and experience. We offer competitive benefits to all our employees, from intern to director. Live with the support of our HR team and in the rich diversity and culture of our 5,900 m2 studio. Work according to your schedule with our Flexi-time policy. Play in the alpine playground on our doorstep or throw yourself into one of our social events. What are you waiting for? Your next big adventure is waiting for you.

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Designers talking in the KISKA kitchen


  • 来选择你的冒险地点吧。从茨堡的阿卑斯山中心到上海的不夜城,从穆列塔的漫阳光之夜到慕尼黑的欧洲新之都每个工作室都有独特的风景和感。哪一个适合你? 
  • 在我们的人力资源团队的帮助下尝试定居自己沉浸在当地的文化和传统些友好的伙伴可以你提供签证程、保等方面的建! 


8_Creaform_Digital_scanner_KISKA Engineering_Landscape


  • 拓展你的创造力加入我们任意一个多样化团队中在我6000平方米的茨堡部工作室探索最新的新方法。随后在内部舒适的境中放松一下工作室设有设备齐全的厨房、自行车库、社交空等等。 
  • 痴迷于分享希望满足消费者的愿景,并于解决挑。把你的技能和到我化的团队中,来与世界各地的家合作。我们共同的激情是KISKA的独特之 


KISKA connected products and services lead hikes to top of mountain in the Austrian alps before work


  • 尽情享受与你的队一起开始新的探索是冲浪、越野摩托、滑板、山地自行、跑步、技,是攀岩。而这些仅仅是冰山一角!下一个你会痴迷的活动是什么 
  • 快来认识一下KISKA家族吧! 穿上你的Lederhosen和你的舞鞋来参加我们的社交活动吧,全年我们都会举办。或者,如果些都不是你的格,那就在工作之余在我厨房里品尝当地啤酒来放松一下。